Confusion and comedy devalue the Nobel Peace Prize

07/10/16   Those recently trying to kill each other are hardly a podium of angels

Blair: the reckoning

16/06/16   Just weeks away from the publication of the Chilcot report on Iraq, Tony Blair still offers a vigorous defence of military action. Yet the

‘Top Gear’ goes into reverse with Chris Evans in the driving seat

04/06/16   The BBC shows the difficulty a sequel has in becoming a success

Institute for Government appoints Bronwen Maddox as new Director

27/05/16   The Institute for Government is pleased to announce that Bronwen Maddox, editor of Prospect and former Times and Financial Times journalist

Telegraph coverage of Tony Blair in conversation with Bronwen

24/05/2016   Tony Blair admits he “profoundly underestimated’ the risks of the Iraq War. Click the PDF to read coverage of Bronwen’s

In: the case for Europe

18/05/16   Britain should vote to remain part of the EU. Here’s why 

What the Mayor must do to help solve our city’s housing crisis

17/05/2016   The forces affecting the market are complex but there are measures Sadiq Khan can take to improve the situation

The Foreign Office must find a new role to stop brain drain

13/05/2016   Morale is low and key diplomats are leaving the UK department

Barack Obama’s visit will be a huge boost for the Remain campaign

18/04/2016   While the President’s trip is not explicitly about Britain’s membership of the EU, that is its underlying purpose

Apple’s privacy battle is only the opening skirmish

02/04/2016   The debate will yield no clear victory, which is precisely its value

Time for the UK to end attachment to Hinkley Point nuclear plant

10/03/2016   The costs and technical uncertainty were a warning to ministers

Britons’ maths-phobia is no laughing matter

26/02/2016   Problem is with culture in which it is all right to say ‘I don’t do numbers’