Pursuit of Power: The Female Bishop

27/10/16   The Right Reverend Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, made headlines worldwide when she said she would not describe God as “he.” She tells presenter Bronwen Maddox that she was surprised by the press response, but is still determined to use her voice. Earlier

Pursuit of Power: The Momentum Activist

26/10/16   Bronwen Maddox meets Barbara Ntumy, political activist with Momentum. Barbara came to this country a decade ago from Ghana, and first found her voice marching against the English Defence League in Sheffield. In a wide ranging interview Barbara explains why she feels the nee

Pursuit of Power: Michael Gove

25/10/16   “Power means constructing structures in order to allow individuals to achieve their utmost.” As a former secretary of state, first for education and then justice, Michael Gove MP has seen first hand how power works. It’s not, he says, like being Louis XIV