Blair: the reckoning

16/06/16   Just weeks away from the publication of the Chilcot report on Iraq, Tony Blair still offers a vigorous defence of military action. Yet the legacy of Iraq is that although he also changed Britain in many ways, those reforms are now largely taken for granted or forgotten

Telegraph coverage of Tony Blair in conversation with Bronwen

24/05/2016   Tony Blair admits he “profoundly underestimated’ the risks of the Iraq War. Click the PDF to read coverage of Bronwen’s interview with Tony Blair from 24th May.

Jimmy Carter interview: there is zero chance for the two-state solution

13/08/2015   The US has withdrawn from tackling the Middle East’s most intractable problem, says the former president

An undiplomatic envoy

16/07/2015   A new memoir shows why Israel is struggling to make its case